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4th of July Menu

Only of interest to those who are coming and mostly here to remind me of what countries we have done.

Stoplight Salsa - Corn and Avocado Salsa
Starfruit and Black Bean Salsa
Tortilla Chips
Salad with Curry Lime Vinagrette
Citrus Shrimp with Ginger Star Fruit
Ropa Vieja-Slow simmered Beef Roast, then shredded and eaten with bread or on buns
Carne con Papaya-This is supposed to be made with pork and slow simmered with Papaya but I am going to make this the vegetarian dish and simmer it with fake chicken instead.
Frijoles Negros con Ron-Baked black beans and rum
Corn Cubana-Sauteed Corn and chorizo
Cuban Yellow rice and green peas
Drunken Pound Cake-Pound cake with a rum sauce
Coconut Flan
Coconut Cookies

That should do it I think.

Dinner served about 7, fireworks at 10. Come as early as 5 for the salsa.

Bored now

Work for me comes in waves starting with the ends of the quarters and building throughout the month of April to come to a crashing halt by the 20th. This wave being bigger than normal as I got a promotion on April 1st to watch over a bunch more grants. I now hold the record at the YWCA for most grants under one person. 47 is my count now. But anyway, after the 20th which is when the deadlines are for most of them, my work suddenly relaxes and I find that 3 days later, I am now bored. Most of the time I alleviate that boredom by writing with Kris, but she is on vacation currently, so we can start writing on Monday. So what do I do, when bored, create new series of books to write. With an Asian Series, 5 books in 9 planned, a middle east series, 1 book writing, 6 planned, a whole world rebuild, starting with drow, 5 books of it, a druid book, continuing with elves, dwarves, all of the major races and a whole re-imagining. What's next? I am working on an African series, focusing on great empires of South and West Africa. North Africa is going to be included in the Middle east Series. I have plans for a South American, North American, European and south Pacific Series. Kris always accuses me of not thinking small. I think she maybe right.

First book of 2009 done.

Just finished it. Untitled so far, book about an Asylum in 1854 Newfoundland, the ending has such as twist. Oh such an evil twist. It was a long book, equal in size to Every Sacred thing about. Kris and I have taken a turn into the creepy side for the last couple of books. I think I have gotten the hang of making things creepy, its a different mindset, a different way to think. But I like the challenge, much like writing a western. That was a challenge too. Anyway, on we go, back to 9 secrets, for book 6 of that series. Korea in 660 AD, The fall of the Three Kingdoms era. All about two secret societies, the Hwarang and the Wonhwa, Subak training, mastering the body, yoga. There will be a lot of battles and bloodshed in this one. But writing a good battle scene is something I would like to be better at, so this one gets the task.

4 day weekend

My work called a snow day today for us and then my boss called back and said that they were going to call it for tomorrow as well. So no work for me for 4 days.

Nice to have a 4 day weekend and still get paid for it.

The book plan for 2009

First up a Western, set in the civil war about a black female gunfighter.
2. A Monk in the Liang Dynasty, likely. Book 6 of the nine secrets. Physiology
3.Viking epic about Thor's daughter, this is a long one likely to be many books.
4. Book 7 of the nine secrets, to be determined. Communications.
5. Dwarven epic, likely to be many books as well.
6.Book 8 of the nine secrets, to be determined. Proproganda.
7.Centaur epic, also likely to be many books.
8. Book 9, final book of the nine secrets. Cosmology
9. A children's book on the Blue Lady Myth.

That will be more than we can write in 2009 and it may also change at the bottom as we get closer and as the mood takes us. My list of ideas has hit 133 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The above list is just with Kris and I will be writing with Jen as well. Plotting is more what I do for her.

She has a muses book she wants to finish, the first in a series and well as a series about animals, swords and words of power. She has the first two written nearly. I will be plotting book 3 and 4 very likely.

So ending the year in 2008, Kris and I have partial manuscripts for 12 books, all written in 2008 at the rate of one per month about. I have plotted 2 more with Jen, so 14 books this year. Its a good pace but not one that we can all keep up to. I expect less books to be scripted next year especially if Kris takes a writing sabbatical to attend a writing class.

My list of ideas is going to grow I can feel it as well. Another door to open, another world to write, I can see them all so clearly. Its hard to choose. Fro those of you that read the books we write, come follow us through those doorways. I have worlds to show you.
King Phillip died in 1598. The offical cause of death was old age. No mention was every made of 2 bodies being discovered. What happened to Estrella, Marina, Hernan and Nicolao isn't known. The life of Gitano's is travel, dance and stories, this is the story they tell of them.
So who knew that Ike was going to blow up Houston. It was on our first leg of our journey to Portugal. Well long story and many phone calls later by Jen, we are now leaving tomorrow at 645pm, arriving in Salt Lake city at 952pm and staying the night, then we leave at 10am on saturday and arrive in Newark to catch our flight to Lisbon. Seems like a theme the last two years, for greece we had to spend the night in philadelphia because of flight screwups. Ah well, adventure travels are us.


Bet you thought this was post about Jen and I going to Hawaii, its not, though its on list of places to visit. Its about the fact that Kris and I finished the Hawaii book we were writing.

On to Kolkata India in 639AD and the Plague of Emmaus.

More done.

Due to a very tight paced plot and a lot of time to write the last few days. Kris and I wrapped another one. Prism and Ice, the third in the 9 secrets nonology. That was the shortest turnaround time I think we have ever done. But it flowed so well and so fast, it wanted to just tumble out. Onward we go. Hawaii I think.

Lesson learned

Fresh Blueberry muffins and cardomom don't mix. Well not very tastily anyway.